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Markforged X7

The X7 prints industrial grade manufacturing jigs, jaws, tools and fixtures. Designed from the ground up to survive the production floor environment and capable of printing parts stronger than machined aluminum for a fraction of the cost, the X7 delivers unparalleled surface finish, build size, and reliability.


The X7 sets the bar

built from the ground up for reliable performance, the X7 delivers breakthrough quality and precision in 3D printing.

  • A top-of-the-line industrial grade platform features a strengthened dual nozzle print system that supports Continuous Carbon Fiber and Kevlar reinforcement.
  • These parts are as strong as machined aluminum, and 40% lighter — 22.6x stronger and 24.8x stifer than ABS.
  • At 50 micron layer height, the X7’s resolution yields parts unmatched in accuracy and surface fnish. – The X7 features laser inspection that scans parts mid-print to ensure dimensional accuracy for the most critical tolerances.
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