CAM Logic's Jason West Highlights His Favorite Enhancements in Solid Edge 2022

With each release, Siemens continues to raise the bar and Solid Edge 2022 is no exception!

Design Configurator

Create new design iterations with a click of a button.

Automatically generate new designs based on defined parameters and rules with the embedded Solid Edge® Design Configurator software. This new design automation application adds rule-based automation to a user’s familiar Solid Edge mechanical design environment. Completely embedded in Solid Edge, it enables the quick customization of products based on design parameters and rules. Rule-based automation can boost productivity and design speed.

My Thoughts: This is a great enhancement if your design lends itself to rule based configurations. Quick and easy-to-use right in the Solid Edge environment you love.


CAD Direct

Seamlessly integrate CAD geometry.

CAD direct a new, built-in 3D design capability, improves productivity when working with geometry from popular computer-aided design (CAD) systems. Insert files directly into Solid Edge assembly without the need to translate the file separately, maintaining associativity. Data is stored in the 3D design assembly file, preventing data duplication.

Solid Edge 2022 Cad Direct

My Thoughts: Another great enhancement–giving you the ability to keep your NX data native makes managing projects easier by utilizing the supplied NX data and making updates quickly and easily, right in the system.


2.5 Axis Milling

Now included in Solid Edge Mechanical Design!

Solid Edge Classic, Foundation and Premium now include fully functional 2.5-axis milling capabilities for customers with active maintenance. Fully integrated with Solid Edge, Solid Edge CAM Pro 2.5 Axis allows users to maintain full associativity with design data while instilling confidence with automated tool path creation and visualizations for optimized machining processes.

My Thoughts: What a powerful addition to the Solid Edge portfolio! Yet another reason to keep your maintenance active for complete functionality and features.

Full-color Point Cloud Visualization for Assemblies

Visualize designs in the context of real-world environments.

Full-color point cloud visualization for assemblies provides the confidence you need to position new design equipment in any setting, which is especially useful when retrofitting factories or plants. Solid Edge assembly measurement and viewing tools can be used to position and design equipment in the context of the point clouds.

Visualize designs in the context of real-world environments

My Thoughts: In my experience having to design equipment to fit into an existing building, having a real scan of where my design was going to be placed would have saved me valuable time and rework in the field if the equipment did not end up fitting.


Fast Assembly Open

Don’t let complex assemblies slow you down.

Solid Edge puts you at the top of your game with order-of-magnitude performance improvement in large assembly modeling for the third straight year. Fast assembly open allows users to enter a preview mode in order to reduce the amount of data that is loaded. Multi-body assembly modeling mode is a new environment to model internal components within an assembly file. New component finder puts intuitive search of assembly components at your fingertips with auto-complete suggestive fillers.


Assemblies of any size may be opened in seconds for a quick review of a design

My Thoughts: A well-thought out update, this is a true productivity enhancement that speaks to Siemens’ commitment to providing you with solutions to helping you work smarter, not harder.


Industry-Unique Radiate Command

Reinvent the wheel effortlessly.

Solid Edge introduces an industry-unique radiate command enabling effortless editing of the radii of circles in part models. This productivity enhancement allows you to simultaneously edit the diameter of existing circular geometry. Based on synchronous technology, this capability allows satellite faces to move radially as an operation is performed while maintaining design intent. patter faces are automatically found and edited. Pattern locked dimensions are relaxed during radiate and locked back when the operation is finished.

Radiate 480x229

My Thoughts: Fast, powerful, and easy-to-use! If you have not experienced synchronous technology, please reach out and let’s discuss your design process.


Design Visualization

Generate a clear view of your design data.

New built-in customized reports for Solid Edge, dynamic visualization, provides dynamic methods for viewing and sorting assembly parts and components. The visual reports are built on rules that are easily created with filters that resemble Excel spreadsheet software within interactive tables.

Solid Edge 2022 Design Visualization

My Thoughts: Visual reporting makes it easy for non-engineering groups to quickly understand what they are seeing. Design reviews become more efficient seeing parts based on material, Make/Buy, vendor, or any other attribute you need to analyze.



Key Takeaways

From an engineers perspective

Solid Edge 2022 does not disappoint! From an engineers perspective, the power, speed, and ease-of-use makes Solid Edge the right choice for any designs you can imagine.

Contact us with any questions about Solid Edge 2022. With over 25 years experience in providing Siemens PLM solutions, we can help!